D.I.E.T. About Us

The key to the longevity and stability of DESTINY INSURANCE AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING lies in its discernment and steady focus on the economy, then quickly getting the business on a stable foundation.  This Agency achieves this stability when it strives to work through its affiliation with well-established organizations, which are financially successful by building their financial business on outstanding services and programs.  DESTINY INSURANCE AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING seizes the opportunities and then continue to build on that initial success.  Our success building is based on these beliefs from the LUTCF promise of professionalism, commitment to clients and a decade of dedication.

A Promise of Professionalism

          In today’s highly competitive insurance and financial services
markets, clients are more knowledgeable and more sophisticated than ever before.  As a result, they want more and demand more from the agent who serves them

          These clients need some sign that their agent is a concerned professional who is looking out for their best interests.  The LUTCF Designation is just such a sign.

          The LUTCF Designation is conferred only upon these individuals who can meet or exceed exacting qualification standards determined by two of the nation’s leading insurance organizations:  The Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTCF) and The National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU).

          As such, individuals who wear the LUTCF key-or display it on their business cards and letterhead-have done more than simply take a pledge.  They’ve made a promise of professionalism to themselves, to the industry and above all, to those they serve.

A Commitment To Clients

          As a client of a qualified insurance professional who has put forth the time and effort to attain the LUTCF Designation, you too reap the rewards. The designation:

  • Demonstrates the agent’s firm commitment to NALU’s Code of Ethics and indicates a desire to provide clients the highest possible quality of service for years to come.
  • Clearly marks the agent’s long-term commitment to professional development and growth.  LUTCFs are encouraged to participate in additional LUTC Courses and continuing education seminars, as well as other highly regarded industry programs.

This ongoing search for academic and professional achievement is of significance to both agent and client alike.

A Decade of Dedication

To qualify for the LUTCF Designation, the life and health underwriter must successfully complete a prescribed series of courses designed to improve his or her technical knowledge and skills.  Since its inception over 63,000 insurance professionals have done just that.

In turn, these "LUTCFs" have aspired to earnestly and effectively apply their newly-acquired product and service knowledge in their client’s best interests.

Therefore, if you are looking for a sign of concern and commitment from your life insurance professional, rest assured you do not need to look any further than the LUTCF Designation and Destiny Insurance and Educational Training  Team of Professionals.


The Pledge

The Life Underwriter Training Council is a non-profit institution serving the educational and training needs of career life and health underwriters.

The National Association of Life Underwriters is a federation of state and local associations whose 143,000 members are sales professional in life and health insurance and other financial services. 

Today, The LUTCF designation is jointly conferred by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (NAIFA) and The American College.  The LUTCF designation represents accomplishment and professionalism, helping you to establish strong and lasting client relationships. Since its inception over 63,000 have been awarded, including those granted by the College since assuming ownership of the designation from the Life Underwriters Training Council.



The Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow SM


LUTCF® Professional Designation Program