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Important Insurance Information


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R----Resources to fund emergency expenses:  Medical, mortgage cancellation, funding a child’s education, starting a new business, and estate taxes at death.

E----Earn cash value at a higher interest rate than the banks or the credit unions.


B----Benefit from non-taxable (tax deferred) cash accumulation.


E----Employer-sponsored life insurance plan is not always portable like your own personal plan.  It is temporarily available to you while you are employed.  Most Employer-sponsored plans terminate when your service is terminated.


C----Cash value insurance may be available for loans of cash on a non-taxable basis; in the case of an 0emergency.  (Check your insurance policy).


C----Care and look out for yourself!  Read and study your insurance policies.  You cannot afford to be without your own personal insurance plans.  By not having insurance, you may be self-insuring many risks such as:  life, health, disability, auto, home, final expenses and many more that are far greater than you assumed!


A----Accumulate Financial Reserve to continue your present quality of life or for other benefits such as expenses for your health or retirement funds.  You will experience peace of mind even if your present lifestyle is interrupted due to qualified change in lifestyle, chronic illness, disability, terminal illness and definitely setting your house in order for end of life expense planning.


Without the help of insurance coverage; for many risks that you face in this life, you may be self-insuring these risks such as:
life, health, disability auto, home, final expenses and many more that are far greater than you assumed!
Partner with an insurance coverage to complete your risk protections.


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