SCRIPTURE READING – JOHN 15:18-26 and 16:1-14


Our Father, thank you for waking and protecting us today. Continue to keep your eyes on us and protect us wherever we travel in this world, even in our own homes, we pray for your mercy and grace when we continue to sin and trespass against you and others. Forgives and forgive those who do the same to you and to us also.

Father because the world we live in today is full of unexpected happenings and dangers, but we know that you have the whole world in your hands and with that belief and strong faith we can face each day with caution but without crippling our lives. We have to do your bidding and finish our individual calling. We must finish the work that you have assigned to each person on these phone lines. So with one accord and in harmony, we stand in the gap for ourselves to focus on our assignment, keep our eyes on you and pray without ceasing.

Father, we love you because you first loved us by your action in your plan of Salvation, what Jesus did on the cross for mankind. He died for our sins and trespasses, we pray for Father that you forgive us and forgive all who have sinned and trespassed against us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for what you did and the finished work on the cross. Holy Spirit, we thank you for guiding us, for comforting and Leading us. We live in a violent and dangerous world today, so we need your hands to hold us when we go out into it to do the work, which we have been called to do. Protect and guide all Ministers as we take your messages throughout this world, starting from inside our own homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, and outside in the world. We thank you that we have the privilege to pray. It is a great opportunity to pray together with others to intercede for Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, churches, ministries, missions who are doing your bidding also. We pray for them and we pray that their family gain strength, replenish their bodies for what you have planned for The Churches and Ministries. We stand in the gap with everyone who joins our mailing list, we pray that your love showers them, and we give you praises and thanksgiving for them and their family.

We pray for strength to be zealous for your work to be done in this world where there are few laborers but plenty of work needs to e done. Thank you for provision, thank you for your Spirit of Comfort. We give you all the praise and glory for hearing our prayers, our needs, and requests. You are the great healer so we ask now that you heal them from the top of their heads to the souls of their feet. We need your power to heal the sick in their minds, the broken hearts, the disabled, and the diseases of your people. Thank you for healing them. Holy Spirit takes charge and control of our lives and leads us on a safe path as we step out into the market places to do the work of Him who called and sent us.

Those in mission fields that are sometimes in dangerous territories; we stand in the gap for your hedge of protection around them. We stand in the gap for your leadership as they follow you. Help them not to divert from their courses but to have a strong faith and focus on the Holy Spirit who will lead them on a safe and right path. Father, it is not always easy to spread the word these days, even those we are close to, our own family sometimes rebelled against your truth, but help us to stand firm and with zeal go out boldly and take the message to those who are lost.   They need to hear it, and we cannot afford the cost to see our loved ones and your people leave this world without a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is always up to them to believe our message but we must accomplish the duty of your commission, to go out into the world, make disciples of everyone, baptizing them in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but we need your power to accomplish that.

We praise you, magnify and worship you Father as we continue to pray. Thank you for life. Thank you. Amen


RISE Ministries, Inc.