Bringing Christmas Joy Your Way - AGAPE LOVE - RISE Newsletter 4


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****Bringing Christmas Joy Your Way - December 2015****

            It is not always easy to convince people of the necessity of saving for the rainy days or of the importance of adequate Life, Health, Disability, Accident and other significant insurance protection plans

I understand how dreams can be big when we are young but I have a powerful personal story, a powerful survival experience and testimony of how I am given another chance to advise you of why “insurance” is important protection!  The automobile you depend on should have insurance coverage and there is no place like coming to a calm place like your home after a hard day’s work, so it makes sense to protect them.  As I go about in the marketplace or when I connect with others through any of the many Social Media, I try to offer solutions to people about the problem of not protecting their most important asset (their life); while they are still living on earth.  I show them products that are affordable and at the same time, show them the best plan to meet their needs today and in many more years to come.  My own dream is helping people in my area regardless of their economic status to experience peace of mind in all aspects of their lives in this uncertain world; where everything is constantly changing.  I want to be the person to encourage and serve people every day.  For several years managing my home and the unexpected events (some tragic) I have experienced and tackled with the strength of God, I quickly reviewed and recognized the importance of life, health, disability insurance, and planning for final expenses.  As we get older our bodies and the ability to create income begin to slow down.  Planning is important especially for those who may lose a spouse to death, divorce or income loss in a home that needs two incomes in the event of unexpected disability due to sickness or injury. 

In the event of sudden death, final expenses will skyrocket and without the proper plan in place, it would be devastating to your family if grief unites with expenses. 

I recently went to a Health Fair, where I saw a crash accident of drunk driving.  The death of the individuals in that accident did not occur due to sickness, it happened due to an unexpected fatal vehicular death.  We can die in many ways.  Death can come naturally (old age), sickness, or unplanned and suddenly as in that car crash.   It is a definite appointment.  It is inevitable!

As a woman who started in insurance and financial business 27 years ago but unfortunately had to stop due to some major life changes.  I decided to transition into a position that was quiet and restful.  After several years of listening to the needs and many difficult life situations and unexpected illnesses (some terminal), I carefully considered, coming back into the insurance and financial business.  So how do I see the business of insurance and finance today?  Any business person must be a servant to others and be self-motivated to succeed.  Most women naturally take on many varieties of responsibilities.  When I was younger, I could juggle many responsibilities in the home as well as out in the marketplace, but I still believe that I can come back and do it differently, now that my responsibilities have lessened.  In fact, my experience serving others (mother, homemaker and co-income provider) would be tremendous additional management skills that I can apply in preparing for a comeback in the insurance business.  Anyone who has taken part as an income provider for the welfare of either themselves or their family, economically knows the importance of proper protection and planning.

As a caring and concern person about the welfare of others, just coming back and stepping into the insurance and financial industry again, I understand that I need to be an advocate by using my own personal testimony, going out into the marketplace, and effectively utilize the great technology in our world today (the Internet, phone, and social media) but most important, referrals.  

Best regards and Thanks for your Referrals. Praying that God is with you always.

Have a wonderful, Blessed Christmas and New Year.


RISE Ministries, Inc.