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Newsletters:  Encouraging people through written and verbal words of healing for the Spirit, Soul, and Body          

Promoting and advocating awareness be of many diseases:

Lung Disease and other "Chronic illnesses" such as Stroke, Heart, Lupus and other "autoimmune diseases" - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia.  All types of "Cancer" Diabetes, Dementia,  Alzheimer, Mental Illness, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, and many other health issues that are impacting every aspect in the lives of people.  If we are unable to give you the information requested, we will provide or refer you to links of other websites about health information to deal with them.

We are inspired to establish a faith-based ministry in Houston, Texas and extend it around the world, through the partnership with other ministries, missions, and churches in order to do the work God has called us to do for His glory.
We minister through Biblical Outreach Services

"We thank God for your life and for what God is doing in your Ministries.  We give him praise for endurance, dedication, perseverance and the many lives you have been able to touch and bless all these years through your annual messages.  I have been blessed and have always looked forward to receiving your annual messages and your calendar has a special place in my living room.  The other day, I spoke to a cousin who also does receive your messages.  He commented that your messages are always good and had always blessed him and spoke to his situation.

There are times in our lives when we need to have some encouragement when we are down and feel hopeless.  There are times when we need someone to talk to and cannot find that person especially during a time of joy and happiness (Christmas for example).  This is a time when the arrival of your messages through our mailboxes makes that difference. 

I pray that God will continue to give you the insight and willingness to continue with your dream of writing to the children's audience.  Your inspirational words of encouragement are always based upon God's word and real-life experiences.  Life can sometimes be lonely and depressing.  Whether you are a Christian or not, you need encouragement, spiritual or not and I find out that your messages provide those magic words.

Your messages direct unbelievers to Christ because sometimes some people do not understand that Jesus died for their sins and your messages throw light in this area as well. 
Your messages provide spiritual uplifting and comfort.

Keep up the good work and I pray blessings on your new venture that of reaching the children's audience.
As long as "God has given you the strength, resources, and means to accomplish just what he has told you to do, be obedient and leave the when, where and how's to Him."
God bless.

Reverend N. SHOWERS
" I always enjoy reading your Newsletters.  They are very uplifting to me.  I love the calendars too.  The pictures on the Newsletters and Calendars are so lovely and peaceful.  Thank you, God bless you and your ministry. 
Keep sending them."
Arcola, Texas
"We hope you will put together a journal of all your beautiful readings..."
"I have been blessed for several years by your annual newsletter and calendars.  I truly appreciate them and applaud your efforts in your venture to approach the younger generation.  I also agree that technology moves at a distinct speed which often leaves us behind. 

Thanks again for your effort after all of these years."
God bless!

Mexia, Texas

"We thank you for the recent Newsletter and Calendar sent to us. This and the previous ones have been impressive and highly appreciated.

We are indeed happy to comprehend that you will be ministering to the young generation who will be the future leaders in this transitory world of ours. We are confident that your teaching will be good and very helpful to them.

We pray that God blesses you with wisdom, long life, very good health, and strength."

Charlotte, NC

"Since I started receiving your calendar and annual newsletter in 2011, I have always looked forward to receiving it at Christmas. In fact, I have kept the calendars and newsletters since then. I enjoy the way you build upon your message by relating it to everyday situations and make it easy for the common man to understand the message. Your message is so inspirational and the Bible verses quoted are so appropriate. The timing is so relevant (at Christmas time) because it makes you want to stop in the midst of all the festivities to think and rethink about your life and the path you are taking. Your message is food for thought.

In your message in 2012 when you made mention of an individual who had an attitude but later you came to realize that it was a disability and the lesson learned about judging people was a case in point.

You mentioned that you were going to be targeting young people but your message already is for everyone.
Please keep up the good work."


"I am so thankful, that you take some of your busy schedule to write and send people some inspiring thoughts, that is a very nice job, it really touch my heart, every yer you spend some time to do that.  I admire your unselfish attitude to reach other people to think and reflect about what we are doing with our lives.

Thank you very much for the wonderful job."
Houston, Texas

"Thank you for the calendar and the inspirational writing that you included with it.  I hope that this new year has started well for you.  May the God we love and praise grant you the peace, wisdom, understanding, love, and joy that you deserve so much.

Houston, TX


"I want to thank you for the wonderful Christmas letter and the calendar.  I have had to share your letter because it is so inspirational.  Keep up the good work!"

Houston, Texas


"I really enjoy receiving the calendar and your letter. I like reading your letter and using the calendar. I also enjoy your Bible Study every week. I have learned a lot about the Bible and how to use it. There are a lot of things in the Bible I didn't know. I really look forward to going to the Bible Study every week. Bless. you."

Cypress, Texas

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