Praising God




Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thank you for giving us another chance to see this day which you created. Thank you for allowing us to go through this day and able to join this session tonight. We give you all the praise and glory. We bow down before you. Our only true God of this world. What a mighty God you are.


Thank you for forgiving us of all our sins and trespasses whether we are ignorant of them or just blatantly and deliberately do them, we ask for your forgiveness and for the forgiveness of others who have sinned and trespassed against us.


Your Father is so righteous and you know us by our nature and our names. You know us inside and out. You know the inner thoughts of individuals. You are the great judge of all mankind, your judge us and bring an end to the wickedness, malice, and hate then you make your righteous people secure. We are secure in the hands of our God, therefore our response to our great and righteous God must be thanksgiving and praise, not fear and trembling.


Thank you, father, for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You brought Him down here to feel everything that we humans go through and then He died, redeeming us back to you. He shed His blood by viciously killed just for us, saving us from death and hell. We praise your wonderful name, our blessed Redeemer. You took all our diseases, sicknesses, hurts and pains and died a bloody death. There is power in the blood of Jesus for those who believe in Him. He has conquered death and hell for us. He paved the way to the Father for us. We shout alleluia tonight, for what He did on Calvary’s’ Cross. Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief, What a Name!


We glorify you because it is our function as humans. Your glory is above the heavens, seen in the heavens, and it is revealed in our position as human when we stand up and exalt you.


All the troubles, trials, tribulations, dangers, sicknesses, diseases. Malice, hate, strife, and war, we placed them inside your Throne Room tonight. We bring ourselves boldly inside your Room, and we leave them there. We thank you for hearing our prayers tonight, even the ones that we did not call, you know all of them.


Thank you, Father, for this ministry. We stand in the gap for families. Take care of them and strengthen those whom you have called to finish the work which you have called them to do, all for your glory. You who began a good work in them will see it to completion until Jesus’ return.


Thank you for this ministry, all ministers, deacons, volunteers, guests, and visitors who are doing your work.   Continue to touch and bless them, our Father. We praise you tonight, we glorify and magnify your Holy name. Thank you for all the good things which you have done for us in the past, all what you are doing for us right now, and the future that you have for each of us.   We give you all the glory as we continue to pray and lift the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, Thank you. Amen.




RISE Ministries, Inc.